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Videos of events I have participated in, interviews....more to be posted ...

Watch here the Fabulous 200 eggs from artists, designers, architects, filmmakers.


about the charities visit :




In 2012,  I was very lucky to be selected as one of the 200 artists to paint one of the Faberge eggs for The Big Egg Hunt  2012. The  giant Eggs were scattered around London- Blooming Azure  ( my egg) was in Bishop Gate and later moved to Covent Garden for the final week. It  was sold at auction- Money went to Action for children and The Elephant family charities.


Picture the Zone short film 2014

pictures of London commuters 

Interview with Yann Martin , artist and also my father . we filmed this interview in 2003  back in his Gallery/studio in Marseille.

Talks about his inspiration, moving to provence from Britany and his friendship with renowed sculptor Jean Amado.


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