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“My speciality is in mixed media, working mostly with timber, metal, textiles or sand.

I always start the process with a narrative but the material used will inform how the process happens, it's very organic and intuitive work. Orchestrating a semi abstract sculptural piece of work by creating moments it’s what I’m interested in primarily.

My influences varies a lot from places like Africa or India to discarded objects.


Blandine Martin was born in France, Aix en Provence. She moved in London in 1988. 

Studied Architecture and Interior Design graduated in 2003 @ The University of North London

Blandine has exhibited in the UK, The US,Italy & France.

  • currently doing an alternative MA #TOMA at Metal Art School 2017-2019


                              AWARDS: 1st prize for best painting @ open exhibition cork street 2009

                               2nd prize for Churchill portrait 2011 - offered by Lady Barbara Hamilton


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